Welcome to the glow up!

Now our BB Crème isn’t your usual BB, it's very unique and it isn’t designed with coverage in mind. It works similar to a filter and creates a blurring effect to even out your skin tone and give your skin a beautiful radiant glow. The luminous pearls reflect away from your skin and glow differently in all different lighting.

It’s a versatile product and it can be worn in many different ways depending on your desired look. 


We always recommend wearing an SPF to protect your skin from harmful UV rays and antiaging of course! You can apply our BB crème on top of any SPF of your choice. We recommend allowing 5-10 minutes for your skincare/SPF to sink into your skin before applying our BB so that it doesn't soak up the BB crème.

Our BB is designed for day and night time wear. If you are wearing a product with SPF in it at night-time and a photograph is taken with a flash it can produce a white cast over your face, so we wanted to eliminate this.

We have left you the choice to select which brand of sunscreen you would like to wear and what level of protection.

Skin type

This is very important to take note of when it comes to applying our BB crème

Dry Skin – We recommend applying your skincare/ SPF before applying our BB. This will ensure that the BB glides on and eliminates the chances of the blurring pigments grouping on the surface of any dry spots.

Oily skin – If you have oily skin you won’t be required to apply any lotions or products beforehand, our product does not have oil in it so it won’t add oils to your skin, you can also set it with a little bit of translucent powder in your T-section or area that produces the most amount of oil.

Normal / Combination skin – You can wear our BB crème with or without any prior hydration to the face. However, if you do have a dry area, we recommend applying a lotion prior.


Desired looks:

  • Natural look - Apply one pump and blend evenly across your entire face. You can also layer our BB crème, we recommend a maximum of 3 layers to the skin. Top tip - allow time between each layer for the BB to settle on the skin.
  • Natural look with a little more colour - Apply one pump of our BB crème and blend evenly across your entire face, add bronzer and highlighter to the high points of your face.
  • Full coverage look - Mix half a pump of BB with half a pump of your favourite foundation for a luminous flawless look to your foundation.
  • Base for Makeup - Apply one pump of our BB crème and spread evenly around the face before applying your makeup for a luminous, hydrated base.
  • Mix and Match - Our colours can be mixed together to create your perfect shade, you can also utilise our tanned and dark colours as a crème bronzer.


Basic 101 - How to apply our BB crème:

Our formula is super lightweight and silky to touch, it feels like you’re wearing nothing on your skin!

Step 1 – The crème is very luminous and rich with pigments which means once blended onto the skin you don’t want to keep working it around the face or apply more than three layers to the skin to avoid lifting pigment away from certain areas once set.

Step 2 – Apply one pump of BB crème onto our Laneway Beauty blending brush.

Step 3 – Using the brush tap the product around the face so that each area has an even amount on it.

Step 4 – Start by gliding the product around the face until it is spread evenly and is sitting on the skin.

Step 5 – Use tapping and swiping motions to blend the crème into the skin to make sure that it is all blended correctly.

Step 6 – Ensure that you’re also blending the product on your ears and down your neck for an even distribution of colour.