Emily, the founder of Laneway Beauty, in her salon
Emily - Founder of Laneway Beauty.

Founded by Emily Newton, Laneway Beauty came to be through years of industry experience as a lash and brow specialist. Through engaging with her regular customers, and listening to concerns surrounding skincare & beauty post-treatment, Emily worked to formulate a range of products designed with care, safety and functionality in mind.

With the belief that all women deserve to feel beautiful, especially when constantly on-the-go, or in a morning rush, the base products for Laneway Beauty were created. A BB Crème to nourish the skin, while providing an airy, glowy layer - perfect for those last minute touch-ups and natural glow days. Along with the hero BB Crème, Emily introduced a collection of products that are results driven, provide affordable luxury, Australian made, Vegan and Cruelty-free.

Laneway Beauty’s values focus on natural, simple and effective beauty, for everyone, however you want to show up. The passion for skincare and beauty continues to be a driving force in formulating products that are versatile and simplify your routine.

For further information, please reach out at hello@lanewaybeauty.com.au.